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  • Premiered Sep 5, 2019

  • K-12 available now: See Melanie on tour: Subscribe for more official content from Melanie Martinez: Follow Melanie Martinez The official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist Melanie Martinez. Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more. #MelanieMartinez #K12 #K12Film
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  • Jacqueline Koroma
    Jacqueline Koroma 4 days ago (edited)

    Mad respect if you can spend over 7 million dollars on this and make it free on YouTube

  • m
    m 10 hours ago

    The fact that she spent 7 mil on this, and she put it on YouTube for FREE. None of you can say that she doesn’t care about her fans.

  • ღShimty The Snailღ
    ღShimty The Snailღ 3 hours ago (edited)

    7 million dollars, and no advertisements..I feel bad for them 28k dislikes. :(

  • Jade_Rose
    Jade_Rose 9 hours ago

    Yall already know I’m re-watching this for the millionth time

  • Philip Roberts
    Philip Roberts 10 hours ago

    the people who dislike must just be ungrateful ppl. melanie could've made millions of dollars by having us pay for the film, but she didn't.

  • Naomi .N
    Naomi .N 6 days ago

    Can we just appreciate that she spent 4 YEARS on this movie, spent 7 MILLION DOLLARS on this move, and put it on Youtube for FREE with absolutely NO adds. This deserves over a billion views and no dislikes.

  • cassidy lynn
    cassidy lynn 11 hours ago (edited)


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  • Mine Blox
    Mine Blox 12 hours ago

    Anyone watch this 1M times? Just me of that’s rude

  • Fox Potato girl
    Fox Potato girl 7 hours ago (edited)

    Highschool Sweethearts made me figure out I am not straight anymore. Thx Melanie 💕 Lmao 😂

  • Ana Elizabeta
    Ana Elizabeta 6 days ago

    Everyone should appreciate how every song presents a human problem, she actually did that! I mean wow

  • Mai Wifeu
    Mai Wifeu 6 hours ago

    *the realization that Melanie's tattoos are removed from the movie*

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  • Ry Ki
    Ry Ki 11 hours ago

    Tracky Timestampies:

  • Kamila
    Kamila 1 week ago

    Can we talk about we don't have to pay to watch this art? ❤️

  • LogOutOfLife
    LogOutOfLife 5 hours ago


  • Ahmet Talha Boğoçlu
    Ahmet Talha Boğoçlu 12 hours ago

    If Melanie Martinez was a youtuber,what would be the name of her first video?

  • carol ann
    carol ann 7 hours ago

    she spent over 4 years and 7 million dollars on this and put it on youtube for free with no ads

  • Camarria Vlogs
    Camarria Vlogs 6 hours ago

    Show and tell is literally my favorite one like the performance and the song are both good ❤️