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  • Published on Aug 23, 2018

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  • Asiti Kaya
    Asiti Kaya 6 months ago

    Teacher: Why didn't you do your homework?

  • Baran :D
    Baran :D 3 months ago

    To be honest, Ari's songs have gotten many people through hard and depressing times. Since I can remember all the sad times I had losing my best friend, losing family, losing pets, Ari was there for me. So, Thank you Ariana Grande.

  • Ryanne Suzanne
    Ryanne Suzanne 3 months ago (edited)

    friend: what are you listening too?

  • Star Als
    Star Als 3 months ago

    Ariana Grande - breathin

  • cloey frazier
    cloey frazier 3 months ago

    my brother died yester day and this song helped

  • Rachel McIntosh
    Rachel McIntosh 8 months ago

    And when I thought I was obsessed with god is a woman...

  • specimen Cemmen
    specimen Cemmen 4 weeks ago (edited)

    This is what i say

  • iqra_.788
    iqra_.788 5 days ago

    i remember listening to this when i first started getting panic attacks 🖤

  • mY nAmE iS jEfF
    mY nAmE iS jEfF 3 months ago

    shes basically just explaining my anxiety attacks as i say to myself "JUST KEEP BREATHING"

  • PizzaRepublic Lover
    PizzaRepublic Lover 4 months ago


  • Kamree Uy
    Kamree Uy 8 months ago (edited)

    school starts: jUST KEEP BREATHIN

  • Mallory Houchin Nester

    I first heard 'Breathin' on the radio on my way home from an emergency ultrasound, where we had been told our pregnancy might not have been viable. I've lost pregnancies before, and it's an experience that honestly, you're never prepared for. You can brace yourself, tell yourself it's not happening, whatever, but to hear, "I'm sorry, there's no baby on this screen", or "We can try one more time, but I'm not able to find a heartbeat.", those are words that just...truly have the power to destroy a person. I stayed in the car and listened to this song til the end, and I just cried.

  • Eliyanah Diaz
    Eliyanah Diaz 3 months ago

    Just keep

  • ok ko
    ok ko 2 months ago (edited)


  • Queen the The world
    Queen the The world 1 month ago


  • WWE TM
    WWE TM 8 months ago


  • tropicalxplayz
    tropicalxplayz 4 weeks ago

    who else is here cuz they got anxiety before school ?

  • ncttalentt
    ncttalentt 3 months ago


  • Kate L
    Kate L 4 months ago

    Much better than Thank you, next...

  • Kassidee McCormack
    Kassidee McCormack 4 months ago

    Nct doyoung does an amazing cover of this! Check it out!