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  • Published on Mar 1, 2017

  • http://tiny.cc/bodyzire - Do you want to transform your body from fat to fit muscular or from skinny to muscular but don't know how to start and what is the best diet and workout routine for your body? Here is the best personalized workout program for you: http://tiny.cc/bodyzire Perfect gifts for fitness lovers: https://tinyurl.com/bodyzireapparel Obese To Fit Muscular Body Transformation Women Motivation Before And After Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSCi... Video: https://youtu.be/1Ot98iALMts Obese To Fit Muscular Body Transformation Women Motivation Before And After . . . Note: None of the above of those transformations In this video ever used The Body Transformation Blue Print program. If you have any problem with sharing your photo in this video please contact me and I will take it down.
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  • Bodies After Babies
    Bodies After Babies 2 years ago

    It all starts with a decision.

  • Jennifer Bargo
    Jennifer Bargo 1 year ago

    Takes time, patience & hard work. It’s not impossible! 78lbs lost here.

  • cindy lopez
    cindy lopez 1 year ago

    My respect to these ladys wow..

  • William Sire
    William Sire 1 year ago

    Looking at these women they appear to be genuinely happy. It’s sad that so few people take interest in this video and are not inspired by it. Sure the transformed women are pleasing to the eye. But if you look at it from their perspective it pleasing to the mind and spirit as well. Perhaps even more so.

  • 1331stella
    1331stella 1 year ago

    Nothing is impossible BUT where is all the extra skin???

  • jyothi reddy
    jyothi reddy 1 year ago

    Nothing is impossible 😎😎😎😎

  • V-vetta Vetta
    V-vetta Vetta 7 months ago

    I love these, I used to be 325lbs [I'm 5'2] and now do to lots of hard work I'm at 145lbs anything is possible if you're really willing to change and do your best! Never give up, always strive for the best. Even if you have bad days, keep pushing. :)

  • Deborah 888
    Deborah 888 1 year ago

    Those are dramatic changes that must have taken a lot of serious time and dedication.

  • BizarreDragon
    BizarreDragon 10 months ago

    Working on it! From a UK size 18 to a Uk size 14. Not gonna quit :)

  • monkeynumber nine
    monkeynumber nine 4 months ago

    This is true 'body positivity'

  • Sad Sod
    Sad Sod 1 year ago


  • Erston Outway
    Erston Outway 1 year ago

    From someone who was at 104kg (sorry to lazy to calculate lbs) then at 73 and now with added muscles at 85 i can tell. Most of the fat people are very sad about it and only pretending to be happy the way they are. They just can't accept their lack of disciplin. Thats why videos like this are so important.

  • ihavehusband justlikeparkChanyeol
    ihavehusband justlikeparkChanyeol 6 months ago (edited)

    If they can do it, then i can do it too!!

  • stektirade
    stektirade 1 year ago

    the fat acceptance people need to watch these

  • Veronica Watson
    Veronica Watson 6 months ago

    Show how. Not the pictures, they can fix picture's look slim and physically fit. I want to see how they do it!

  • Cosmic
    Cosmic 10 months ago

    I hope my skin goes tight.

  • JohnGaltthe2nd
    JohnGaltthe2nd 6 months ago

    what you girls have achived, is an inspiration for others....

  • Gaytar Paw
    Gaytar Paw 8 months ago

    So where is all that extra skin go???

  • Anthonett Fillies
    Anthonett Fillies 6 months ago

    💕my inspiration,,

  • I AM Sulay
    I AM Sulay 1 year ago

    Love ❤️ motivation!!!