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  • Published on Oct 1, 2018

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  • Jamilla Ibrahim
    Jamilla Ibrahim 8 months ago

    watu wa gulf gonga like

  • Fasham7579 Kenya
    Fasham7579 Kenya 8 months ago

    Am a Muslim and whatever Mbuvi is saying imenitouch sana.God bless this guy

  • Kennedy Muriithi
    Kennedy Muriithi 8 months ago

    On a serious note, I have tried to get through chipukeezy shows, his choice of questions are down... the interviews need to be upgraded somehow... atleast ndo show ihelp mayouths en others too.... I know many can agree with me...

  • Jeremiah Gathogo
    Jeremiah Gathogo 8 months ago

    A good show but you have to do something about DJ n interview

  • Wizzderreki-aladeen
    Wizzderreki-aladeen 8 months ago

    Chipuuu amelemewa hapo kwa ngwaiii

  • ZingCathy Deng
    ZingCathy Deng 8 months ago

    Uko down na jokes😂tembelea Dr king’ori

  • Maroa J.
    Maroa J. 8 months ago

    This day-to-day trolling of DK kwenye beat over his belly ain't fair bruv

  • Kevoh Wa Arsenali
    Kevoh Wa Arsenali 8 months ago


  • Coco Dahf
    Coco Dahf 8 months ago

    Lion ume ni maliza big up manze. Apart from radio tuu bet...noma joh.

  • hannah wanjiku
    hannah wanjiku 8 months ago

    Jifanye fala,Wajanja wako jela....wollan!👊👊

  • rashid abukar
    rashid abukar 8 months ago

    Hahahah chipukeezy anapima mbusii 😂😂

  • Veronica Syomiti
    Veronica Syomiti 8 months ago

    Mbuvi love it bro nyc words God bless u

  • Patrich Duckrich
    Patrich Duckrich 8 months ago

    The end of you you have lost it forever pride comes be4 a fall

  • Judith Agwanda
    Judith Agwanda 8 months ago

    Haki Mbuvi ur a pastor anointed by God, I never knew u know God this much coz u always joky

  • Rhouzie Ferdie Nyomindi

    Mbuvi you're talented...without your jokes hauko kamili✌🏾

  • Marigu
    Marigu 8 months ago

    I don't smoke marijuana but I think sigara is more harmful

  • Luian Mbugua
    Luian Mbugua 8 months ago

    Wise n powerful words mbuvi

  • Judith Agwanda
    Judith Agwanda 8 months ago

    Show zako zinamake ma day Chipuu

  • John calrx
    John calrx 8 months ago

    Maintain nanga...

  • its-miss- muya
    its-miss- muya 8 months ago

    Mbuvi's laughter is infectious 😃😍