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  • Published on Mar 30, 2018

  • Learn how to EQ mix vs. simple level fader mixing, and develop more control over your mixes. Track 1: Varia - Aparde Track 2: Soul Child - Robert Mason Please subscribe, like, comment and share if you enjoy my videos :D
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  • Paige Watkinson
    Paige Watkinson 1 year ago

    6.40 for the actual mixing demo

  • Karl
    Karl 1 year ago

    please keep these mixing tutorials coming. The ones that are up on youtube are too niche or too vague imo. This one is way more straight forward and informative.

  • Måns
    Måns 2 weeks ago (edited)

    It’s funny that I watched the whole video and in the end you mention Barbados where I am and gonna have my first gig.

  • Stanley Sergacov
    Stanley Sergacov 2 weeks ago

    The most useful tutorial about to mixing I've seen so far!!👌👏🏻👏🏻 Thanks you so much!!

  • xXxLYnXxXx
    xXxLYnXxXx 3 weeks ago

    Hi Arman! Thx for the good explaination. keep up ur good work!

  • Sir G. O.
    Sir G. O. 1 year ago

    A little hard to do with other genres as most Of the time you only have 8 bars to do the mix.

  • Allan Gauthier
    Allan Gauthier 3 months ago

    Hey man. Good video. Really helped me mix better. Good job man. I think I actually saw you at Sunnyside Pavillion this summer. Haha

  • Garry Johnson
    Garry Johnson 8 months ago

    Nice tutorial, will give this technique a try for sure.

  • Andrei Doanca
    Andrei Doanca 9 months ago

    awesome, thanks for the video. Also I like the 2 tracks, now I've discovered 2 more DJ that I'll dig into. Cheers

  • Bernard Steyn
    Bernard Steyn 1 year ago

    I see you nudge the the incoming track forward and continue to do so even when its almost all open and you bringing the outgoing track down, the problem with that is that you can sometimes hear how you bend the pitch of the incoming track especially when all the frequency faders are all should actually be nudging the deck outgoing deck back...or what Im actually trying to say is its better mixing by nudging back and forth the deck that has the least volume.

  • RedDepo
    RedDepo 7 months ago

    Hey, Thanks for sharing this. Really smooth. Has anyone setup a Maschine Studio into their DJ mix? I'd like to see a video on that.

  • Kwabena
    Kwabena 8 months ago

    Thanks, needed that. And absolutely LOVE the first track will definetly get it one day.

  • Dj Mattie Styles
    Dj Mattie Styles 2 months ago

    tryed this way i find it easier than normal amazing sir cheers

  • Kon Kotsiras
    Kon Kotsiras 3 weeks ago

    Great work thanks for sharing matey.

  • Áliyen
    Áliyen 1 year ago

    Really helpful! I'm going to use this advice in my mix right now ^^

  • R W
    R W 3 weeks ago

    On both demo's the incoming track is loud; I'm spoiled by listening to John Digweed all these years...

  • Andrew
    Andrew 6 months ago

    Could you do a tutorial on phrasing for the best effect?

  • SMSH Music
    SMSH Music 9 months ago

    Thanks man this helped a bit! keep em coming!

  • Harry Garcia
    Harry Garcia 11 months ago

    Nice job. I like to purchased one of those T-shirt! Let me know if your friend has one more. Thanks

  • Victor Santos
    Victor Santos 9 months ago

    Arman, this might be one of the simpler (but at the same time best) DJing videos on Youtube. Great explanation and demonstration, keep up with the good work!