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  • Published on Jul 8, 2019

  • Today is another episode of the new Nostalgic series! In this video we are talking discussing some weird facts about Build-A-Bear... Tickets for the Running With Violet Premiere: Running With Violet Youtube Channel: My Vee Vlogs Channel: Moot’s Channel: My Sister’s Channel: My Mom’s Channel: My Social Media: Instagram: @Jessiivee Twitter: @JessiiVee Facebook: Snapchat: jessiiveesnaps Follow my inspirational YANA Instagram: @yana_group Click here to become an official channel member: (You get a unicorn badge) My Merch Website: PO BOX: Jessii Vee #57012 Brampton, Ontario Canada L6Z 0E7
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  • The Cheesecake Queen

    I had my b-day at build-a-bear and my mum told the worker that i was turning 6 so he put me on the counter and made the whole shop sing to me .

  • Oof Nut
    Oof Nut 1 week ago (edited)

    Am I the only one that doesn't have a single build-a-bear?

  • Heyitsrhi 22
    Heyitsrhi 22 1 week ago

    *lies in bed next with build a bear penguin on shelf facing me*

    BTSUBLIMINALS 1 week ago


  • Luvz Ramen
    Luvz Ramen 1 week ago

    I got the Colorful Hearts Teddy Bear when I was 5. It's eyes never popped out but it's in my garage now since I don't play with toys anymore.

  • Logan Pettit
    Logan Pettit 1 month ago

    Jess: Build-A-Bears were expensive back then.

  • Cherry Cola
    Cherry Cola 1 week ago

    “Oh that must be candy”🤣 sorryy😂😂

  • Kittycat 9359
    Kittycat 9359 1 week ago

    I had one and when the person told me to make a wish I said

  • Echo Studios YT
    Echo Studios YT 1 week ago

    “There’s a spider on my wall...”

  • Miraculous Marinette

    I had one. I got a pink bear and it was very special to me❤️

  • bkboss 8013
    bkboss 8013 1 month ago

    Jessi:were going to get into something disturbing

  • Blaine Wilder
    Blaine Wilder 4 days ago

    I had the cat with the pink heart, her name was Synthia, and I had a bear named princess bear, and I loved them both. Omg all my memories

  • Izzy WOLF
    Izzy WOLF 1 week ago

    When my friend was a baby, she had to wear build-a-bear clothes because she was so small x3

  • cinnamon tricks
    cinnamon tricks 4 days ago

    Jess- I had only 1 bear

  • ルミナXP
    ルミナXP 4 days ago

    I had a lot of them... A LOT!

  • Rī Ñ
    Rī Ñ 1 month ago

    If spiders can fly, it'd be the end of the world

    ODETTE 13 hours ago

    My aunt put my baby cousins heartbeat in her build-a-bear 💓

  • Kiwi Gamer
    Kiwi Gamer 2 days ago

    Omg I have a build a bear reindeer I told him I loved him in case he was haunted o.o heh BUT I LOVE BUILD A BEAR THOOOO ):

  • Gacha Kimm
    Gacha Kimm 1 day ago

    I had a Elsa builder bear and it spelt like

  • Cherry-o's
    Cherry-o's 1 week ago

    Wait a minute