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  • Published on Nov 23, 2009

  • Music video by Nelly performing Grillz. (C) 2005 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc. Distributed by Universal Music & Video Distribution Corp.
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  • joe mast
    joe mast 2 years ago

    Your childhood was a success if you know this song like the back of your hand 😌

  • Poterosekekeke
    Poterosekekeke 2 months ago

    gold grillz? only from GRILLZLY com. Guys don't overpay on other storess!! Nellyyy great jooob. I love to get back there.

  • Jessica Cardoso
    Jessica Cardoso 4 months ago


  • Soft helmet diugh
    Soft helmet diugh 4 months ago

    “I might cause a cold front if I take a deep breath” one of the coldest lines ever made about jewelry. No pun intended

  • DeJah Jones
    DeJah Jones 4 months ago

    2019 🥳🥳

  • PowerfulCZR
    PowerfulCZR 3 years ago

    My dentist was playing this in the waiting room.

  • Devon Hayes
    Devon Hayes 3 months ago

    Where my 2019 crew? Yea, I know you out there

  • s. aljuneabi
    s. aljuneabi 4 months ago


  • Bryant Helt
    Bryant Helt 1 week ago

    Whos the chick singin. Shes soooo natural and sexy !💯

  • Michele Goodes
    Michele Goodes 5 months ago

    Paul Wall is the only white dude who gets away with saying, "teef."

  • kiara Wansley
    kiara Wansley 1 year ago

    Back when natural bodies were in style

  • Mundy Mondy
    Mundy Mondy 5 months ago (edited)

    My grandmama hate it but my lil momma love it I am going with lil momma!

  • Eddie Kane
    Eddie Kane 2 months ago

    Nelly jumped on everything popular and made a hit...Jordans...grills...air Force one's...etc.

  • Travis Collins
    Travis Collins 5 days ago (edited)

    Who knew that a song about TEETH could be less trashy than songs of today?

  • Bsmoove 3x
    Bsmoove 3x 6 months ago

    Who's still listening in 2019 👌🏾👌🏾

  • Danni reynolds
    Danni reynolds 2 years ago

    women's bodies were natural then

  • fatso79750
    fatso79750 3 months ago

    Call me George Foreman cause I'm selling errybody grills

  • Gregory Davis
    Gregory Davis 3 months ago

    Paul Wall still has the best part

  • Chrystál Rydér
    Chrystál Rydér 1 week ago

    I remember using the chewing gum wrapper foil for my grills hahahaha

  • Sephy Andrei
    Sephy Andrei 6 months ago

    If only I could turn back time. 😊