I Married My Hairdresser: Grace & Kelvin Munyota's Love Story (Full Eps) Download mp3 - Download video

  • Published on Sep 26, 2018

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  • Cantu Shea
    Cantu Shea 8 months ago

    The lady is so pretty.

  • Raymond KIMATHI
    Raymond KIMATHI 7 months ago

    Yaani Ebru TV is better than a gospel television station?! ... Please continue with this trend of uplifting love stories. Kenya shall be delivered from the evil spirit of slay queens, socialites, and sponsors. ... Keep it up! God bless you!

  • Avril Kalungwah
    Avril Kalungwah 8 months ago

    Love the story...destiny always has a way of bringing your soul partners or divine helpers your way.May God sustain you two always.

  • dj K-laz
    dj K-laz 7 months ago

    The lady is so beautiful waah..

  • Betty mwangi
    Betty mwangi 7 months ago

    Your beautiful baby is on its way

  • Jaywiz Nyanama
    Jaywiz Nyanama 8 months ago

    This program is much better than

  • vincent owino
    vincent owino 7 months ago

    When I watch this type of programm i feel like there's still hope in marriage

  • consolata kerubo
    consolata kerubo 7 months ago

    cute couple God will bless u more.....waiting God to bless me with a caring husband

  • Jane Njeri
    Jane Njeri 7 months ago

    She is so beautiful

  • Paul Madola
    Paul Madola 7 months ago

    This is so inspiring.... Love knows no boundaries, may God bless your marriage guys.

  • Joe Msanii
    Joe Msanii 7 months ago

    Don't worry about those who disliked the video, Hyena will roar when they propose

  • Wambo Wambo
    Wambo Wambo 7 months ago

    Their marriage was based on a good foundation,n trusting God

  • EssyH Mwaniki Mwere
    EssyH Mwaniki Mwere 7 months ago

    Nice couple..very nice channel can’t wait to have many more couples!

  • Morhy Mataga
    Morhy Mataga 7 months ago

    YouTube need to find those who dislike video's by their names so we can bomb shed 😂them

    JOSHWA KAUNDA 7 months ago

    Congratulations. To God be the glory. May God's blessings be upon your Family. Let us put this Family in the safe hands of God. In God we trust. Amen

  • young wess
    young wess 7 months ago

    The girl you think is more beautiful than your girlfriend was made beautiful by another man's money. Take care of your own too. lovely couple

  • edwina Abuta
    edwina Abuta 7 months ago

    Grace munyota is very beautiful.pls take gd care of her.u look gd together

  • Eunice Wanjiku
    Eunice Wanjiku 7 months ago

    Such an inspiring story.... Beautiful!!!

  • Ng'endo Mutahi
    Ng'endo Mutahi 7 months ago

    Aaw you can truly tell that God brought them together ❤❤. God Bless you. So happy to hear from a Godly couple.

  • Billiah Sereti
    Billiah Sereti 7 months ago

    i love their honesty, and i have learn't alot from them.God bless you ! May He bless them with many many children