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  • Published on Aug 31, 2015

  • FOCUS - EPIC Motivational Speech by Fearless Motivation DOWNLOAD THE TRACK NOW ON: iTunes: AMAZON MP3: LYRICS & TRACK INFO Including Speakers: Official Website: Gym Motivation Playlist: Official Facebook: *** WANT TO USE THIS TRACK IN YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEO? Find out how we can create a free video for your channel, if you are an athlete with a large social or youtube following - Please contact us: *** FOCUS Gym motivation speech is available on all major worldwide music platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon mp3 Help us caption & translate this video!
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  • Adrian Popescu
    Adrian Popescu 3 years ago

    This is the best pre-workout

  • Dream Warrior
    Dream Warrior 3 years ago

    I hate it when people says "110%" or really anything above 100% generally because people seem to just say it with out any weight in their words. Thats why I love this video and Team Fearless, because when they speak it feels as if they are carrying a boulder on their shoulders up a mountain. Basically Team Fearless knows how to motivate you because they themselves needed it.

  • MulliganBrothers
    MulliganBrothers 3 years ago

    Epic speech!

  • Saad El idrissi rioui
    Saad El idrissi rioui 2 months ago


  • Tamim khan
    Tamim khan 2 years ago

    best best best best ever

  • serial killer at street 48

    I can feel the fire

    FRANKIETOMMYGUN 3 years ago

    This is on repeat when I'm working out "this is my time" thank you so much

    SANTOSH NAIR 2 years ago

    This is the best motivational video of yours...

  • Zephyr Comic Online
    Zephyr Comic Online 2 years ago

    Make more with Roger Shilliday's voice. He sounds freaking epic! I've listen to every video and his voice gets me motivated the most.

  • Salma XxX
    Salma XxX 2 years ago

    who is the speaker?? he is AMAZING!! i want to hear more from him😍😍

  • Christina Escajeda
    Christina Escajeda 1 month ago

    Staying focused on my family today

  • Nisrin Fawaz
    Nisrin Fawaz 2 months ago

    Who went gym after hearing it 😂😂

  • Bruno Arturo Tejada Mendoza

    I hear this before to star the day everyday, this spech makes you powerfull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sayan Chakraborty
    Sayan Chakraborty 5 months ago

    speechless 3

  • Amina Kerboubi
    Amina Kerboubi 1 year ago

    Damnn So much love and respect for you. I swear you're the very best. You've changed a lot of things in my mindsets. May god bless you and your family.

  • jeromy kaluwasha
    jeromy kaluwasha 3 years ago

    Man...God bless this channel,its really changed my mind!....

  • ahmed basheer
    ahmed basheer 3 years ago

    FOCUS .

  • David Barrera
    David Barrera 3 years ago

    amazing job team fearless, specially with the lyrics, thank you champions

  • 242okil
    242okil 3 years ago

    I played this right before my wrestling matches sometimes needed 2 or more of ur videos to get me in my pump and helped me thank you for these cause getting on that mat is hard.. Like really hard to go out there

  • Excalibur12
    Excalibur12 6 months ago

    Fight for your dreams! Focus to be better person!