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  • Published on Jan 31, 2018

  • Fouad "Hoss" Abiad joins the Muscle & Strength Breakfast Club in this edition of "What's for Breakfast?" Check out this video to see exactly what a Pro Bodybuilder eats for breakfast and learn a couple of tips to make your own meals more interesting. Get Kaged Muscle Here: https://www.muscleandstrength.com/sto... Muscle & Strength: Website: https://www.muscleandstrength.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/muscleandst... Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/musclea... Twitter: https://twitter.com/Muscle_Strength Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/musclestren...
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  • Muscle & Strength
    Muscle & Strength 6 months ago

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  • Rob Odessa
    Rob Odessa 6 months ago

    This was great but am I supposed to take my steroids before or after breakfast

  • D Sauce
    D Sauce 4 months ago

    He said he used to be a chef in a restaurant. Was it the Salty Spitoon?

  • King Kang
    King Kang 6 months ago

    That is a clean kitchen!

  • yugobepu
    yugobepu 7 months ago

    This man is bigger then his fridge :/

  • ThirdBirdTurd
    ThirdBirdTurd 1 year ago

    for a bodybuilder, he has one of the most innocent-sounding voice

  • Ebony Jones
    Ebony Jones 6 months ago

    Dude we could hear you heavily breating from 3 feet away

  • Jim Milton
    Jim Milton 3 months ago

    Man looks like his gonna explode

  • Christian Staffone
    Christian Staffone 7 months ago

    Oh god so many negative comments -_- but I really like this video. Let’s spread positivity guys :)

  • White Crown
    White Crown 2 weeks ago

    From all of his videos I found out that he is always off season

  • J
    J 1 year ago

    It triggered me that he used the same spoon for the peanut butter.

  • nardpuncher
    nardpuncher 3 months ago

    "My breakfast has the most carbs and least protein of all my meals"

  • Aldo Gonzalez G
    Aldo Gonzalez G 6 months ago

    cold tortillas?? and you were a chef?? GOD

  • Double A Ron
    Double A Ron 4 months ago


  • Keroro Gunso
    Keroro Gunso 5 months ago

    What he's saying is completely true ! You'll end up getting tired of eating exactly the same thing everyday and that's also not good for your mental health ! So you're better start learning how to cook some new shit 😂😂

  • joshua del valle
    joshua del valle 7 months ago

    I had a bowl of nails for breakfast this morning..... “Without any Milk”

  • Kanye 'I have ideas' West

    This guy is hilarious .. perfect balance of humour and dryness .. love it !

    WLG WLG 5 months ago

    His pre breakfast breakfast is a meaty handful of tenpenny nails, broken glass, and a fresh scoop of vanilla bean Haagen-Dazs because we're all afraid to tell him him to stop eating that sht.

  • Isaac Burke
    Isaac Burke 4 days ago

    lmaoo he showed his house just daring somebody to try him

  • Alby damned
    Alby damned 3 months ago

    Cream of rice with peanut butter and blueberries? That's like ordering a pizza with yogurt and fruit loops on it.