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  • Published on Oct 23, 2009

  • Frayser Boy-I Got Dat Drank
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  • Phillip Jennings
    Phillip Jennings 2 years ago

    B.E.T Uncut days, calm down little boys and girls these days this wouldnt be allowed for you to see. 100%

  • MrSamcook55
    MrSamcook55 2 years ago

    14 haters that hit the dislike....go take a long walk off a short pier!

  • celest simmons
    celest simmons 1 year ago

    BET UNCUT....Dem good old days

  • duran andrews
    duran andrews 1 year ago

    My homies and I got suspended for sing this in English class

  • Tangulla Beatz
    Tangulla Beatz 1 year ago

    One of their Greatest Pieces Of Music Production.

  • Jasson Sandoval
    Jasson Sandoval 2 years ago

    I'm Pouing up to this right now ..From SC LA💯🔥

  • God Zilla
    God Zilla 1 year ago

    Hypnotize minds

  • dominic richardson
    dominic richardson 3 months ago

    Me being me 2019..….

  • MrYungTurk
    MrYungTurk 4 years ago


  • jersey savaGe f
    jersey savaGe f 5 years ago

    these niggas talkin about cough syrup in walmart lmao... they talking about promethazine and codeine (lean) you think goons chugging cough syrup from walmart... grtch ya mind right..1

  • jersey savaGe f
    jersey savaGe f 5 years ago

    neva thought id say this but I agree with dick pole no homo...lmao

  • Dick Pole
    Dick Pole 5 years ago

    those mystic melodies are so fire

  • makeithurtful
    makeithurtful 6 years ago

    It feels like soooooooo long ago since I heard this. Fuck.

  • NerrdyBoySwaag605
    NerrdyBoySwaag605 6 years ago

    nahh' jst buy a pint of that purple and a 20oz of sprite bruh'

  • Wayne Novak
    Wayne Novak 6 years ago

    Why isn't frayser, more famous then he is?

  • Ashley Fulton
    Ashley Fulton 6 years ago

    love the album cover. he's robbing himself, while serving himself contraband. that's hood as fuck.

  • tokers25
    tokers25 6 years ago

    Frayser is da man on dis 1

  • josh moshcheck
    josh moshcheck 6 years ago

    who is mike jones..... you dont know mike johns.... who.... mike jones ....whooo? mike jones

    LSDISGOOD4U 6 years ago

    I dont even like Mike Jones, but he kills this shit.

  • Playaz
    Playaz 7 years ago

    damn we are already half way through 2012