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  • Published on Dec 7, 2018

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  • Mangal TV
    Mangal TV 5 months ago

    Amennnnnn 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 I can’t wait to come there. I’m 20 years old from USA 🇺🇸

  • E2DonReggae
    E2DonReggae 3 months ago

    God Bless you man of GOD As you bless many.....

  • Mallie Johnson
    Mallie Johnson 5 months ago

    Love you Pastor, God bless you.

  • Orville Jones
    Orville Jones 5 months ago

    Bless the Lord omy soul and all that that with In me blessed his holy name

  • Eliza Mesias
    Eliza Mesias 5 months ago

    SOON!It will come true my prayer desire to meet the annointed MAN OF GOD ALPH LUKAU IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMEN

  • Tosan Olugbo
    Tosan Olugbo 5 months ago

    Plz where is this Church located? In what country plz someone should give me an answer.

  • Anna T Akpakli
    Anna T Akpakli 3 weeks ago

    Amen Amen am so much bless this morning.

  • Regina Bowens
    Regina Bowens 5 months ago

    Would love to meet you in person along with my husband.

  • Jacqueline Taylor
    Jacqueline Taylor 3 months ago

    Just beautiful.🙌

    ROBINSON CHRISTIAN 4 months ago

    Thank u for prayer.

  • Elizabeth Rapoo
    Elizabeth Rapoo 4 months ago

    Elizabeth Rapoo please pray for my love

  • Karjay Peter
    Karjay Peter 2 months ago

    Please pray for my family thank you god please you so much!!!

  • Mala Mala
    Mala Mala 5 months ago

    bleesed he is holy name I Prery you father & ministry come to glory to glory all the famili in jesus name thank you jesus thank you jehovah Amen Amen


    Amen. God is AWESOME.

  • Maureen Stroude
    Maureen Stroude 2 months ago

    Amen God is not a man that he would lie. I believe in miracles

  • Vagantie Persaud
    Vagantie Persaud 3 months ago

    I is watch all of your program every night I like your service thank you so much

  • vasundhra Gojegave
    vasundhra Gojegave 2 months ago

    Vasundhra vilas gojegave 🇮🇳

  • Wewee Beagar
    Wewee Beagar 4 months ago

    Pastor pls help me pray for my husband to come home

  • Kk Bb
    Kk Bb 5 months ago

    AMEN 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Olinda Miranda
    Olinda Miranda 5 months ago

    Sir pray for me and daughter to come over there in name Jesus. Amen.