Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, Kodak Black - Wake Up in The Sky [Official Music Video] Download mp3 - Download video

  • Published on Oct 31, 2018

  • The official music video for Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, and Kodak Black’s “Wake Up In The Sky” – available now! Stream/Download - Director: Bruno Mars & Florent Dechard Produced By Jeremy Sullivan Colored by: olio creative Subscribe for more official content from Gucci Mane: Follow Gucci Mane Follow Bruno Mars Follow Kodak Black The official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist Gucci Mane. Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more. #gucci #kodak #bruno #guccimane #brunomars #kodakblack #WakeUpInTheSky #WUITS #MusicVideo #AtlanticRecords #atlantic
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  • Tristan Creative
    Tristan Creative 6 months ago

    Kodak is having the time of his life 😂

  • PirateHunter Ken
    PirateHunter Ken 3 weeks ago

    Everything Bruno touches is pure gold

  • Amir Danish
    Amir Danish 3 weeks ago

    producer: how much glitter do you want?

  • Pamela Ombego
    Pamela Ombego 3 weeks ago

    Who ever reads this,hope you become rich and famous!!!!!!!:) :D

  • Jalisa Wardlaw
    Jalisa Wardlaw 2 weeks ago

    Who told him it was ok to take his shirt off

    RINO RINO 5 months ago (edited)


  • julian ibarra
    julian ibarra 2 weeks ago

    Every time I hear this song, I just imagine myself in nice house and a nice car in a humble neighborhood and enjoying life after college 😌

  • Peyton Presley
    Peyton Presley 3 weeks ago (edited)

    This is the funniest video ever just look at Kodak in the whole video

  • SchillerSound
    SchillerSound 1 week ago

    Fly, fly, fly

  • Space Astronomy
    Space Astronomy 2 weeks ago

    Stranger= You can’t fly

  • Shaun Tayaba
    Shaun Tayaba 6 months ago (edited)

    One of the most unexpected collabs ever 😂🔥

  • Willis Chofong
    Willis Chofong 3 weeks ago

    Who made Kodak take off his shirt I need to know

  • Impact _YT
    Impact _YT 1 week ago

    Why does kodaks voice sound like a 13 year old going through puberty

  • it’s haley
    it’s haley 3 weeks ago

    one of the best songs. never ever saw this collab coming

  • Whitney Gainey
    Whitney Gainey 4 weeks ago

    When Kodak said Glee I lost it 😂😭

  • Jovon BlackPixel
    Jovon BlackPixel 6 months ago

    Kodak is the youngest oldest dude in the video.

  • Kermit The frog
    Kermit The frog 2 days ago

    Me: guys I found a $1 dollar bill

  • RedLockiee
    RedLockiee 3 weeks ago

    Me and friends: singing this in school

  • Cool Gamer
    Cool Gamer 3 weeks ago

    I love watching Kodak do choreographed dances.

  • StopDropAndGame
    StopDropAndGame 5 days ago (edited)

    This video makes me wanna drink responsibly