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  • Published on Oct 19, 2013

  • Great Fight Scene from the film Merantau(Indonesia) between Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian(Mad Dog in The Raid ) The Raid Redemtion Stars.
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  • Vaaman Burr
    Vaaman Burr 4 years ago

    damn mad dog looks super young without the beard.

  • F0XYr4bB!T
    F0XYr4bB!T 3 years ago

    that awkward moment after you win a fight but are still stuck in the elevator with the guy

  • Girom Christian Calica


  • BroPool41
    BroPool41 5 years ago

    Also.. Damn!!

  • Jack Boulet
    Jack Boulet 2 years ago

    Get rekt Captain America 2 elevator fight scene.

  • Sengkala Dev
    Sengkala Dev 5 years ago

    Eric(merantau)-> Mad dog(The raid) ->Prakoso(Berandal)

  • Darwin Sidabutar
    Darwin Sidabutar 3 years ago


  • daabbot
    daabbot 5 years ago

    funny watching this fight scene you can see grareth learning on the fly. he saw that the initial long take lost its energy bout halfway through so he started doing different angles and quicker cuts. also closer shots. well done.

  • Robert Castanpn
    Robert Castanpn 3 years ago

    IP man vs iko

  • 1Faith1Fate
    1Faith1Fate 3 years ago

    Wow I didn't even recognize Yayan Ruhian in this at first. He looks so different with short hair, not to mention Iko Uwais in long hair. But theirs fighting styles remain the same. Amazing fighters as well as choreographers and actors.

  • Megadeth916
    Megadeth916 4 years ago

    Saw this before the raid(s).  Damn fine martial art cinema!  DAMN fine!

  • BroPool41
    BroPool41 5 years ago

    Mad Dog isn't as powerful without his epic beard...

  • Iski Billy
    Iski Billy 4 years ago

    In The Raid 2. Iko didnt fight Mad Dog. At nearly final part. In the kitchen fight scene was not Iko vs Mad Dog. - Salute to Indonesia action actors.

  • Adam Mikhail
    Adam Mikhail 5 years ago

    This is not the moive raid

  • Tesar Fristiant
    Tesar Fristiant 5 years ago

    i'm proud to be zimbabwe

  • hendra doank
    hendra doank 5 years ago

    Mad dog waktu msh culun.wkwk

  • Arya Kavianto
    Arya Kavianto 3 years ago


  • Magic
    Magic 5 years ago

    I lol'd at the subtitles

  • sbrute66
    sbrute66 5 years ago

    Mad Dog was again awesome in Raid 2.

  • radolf p
    radolf p 1 year ago

    i think..yayan ruhian had signed a contract to die in every movie lol