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  • Published on Jan 17, 2008

  • Johnny pulls Baby up on stage at the end of season revue at Kellermans. Features the classic "Time of my life".
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  • LiwiaGoszynska
    LiwiaGoszynska 4 months ago

    This is the most iconic dance scene ever, fight me. Their chemistry was so strong, even though they didn’t like each other that much, their relationship was so intense he said she was the second women to have the biggest impact on him after his wife.

  • Andrew Sallee
    Andrew Sallee 1 day ago

    I tried picking my gf up over my head listening to this. Thinking I was being smooth and we both fell over lol

  • Jessica LM
    Jessica LM 1 week ago

    who's playing on repeat in 2019?? :)

  • Boris Antas
    Boris Antas 3 months ago (edited)

    Normal people: enjoying music

  • Lily 릴리 N
    Lily 릴리 N 4 days ago

    Eu amo esse filme, afff

  • sabrina
    sabrina 1 day ago

    guys DON'T watch the 2017 version.. just stick with this masterpiece.

  • Monita Wit
    Monita Wit 2 days ago

    Why making Papa Jake getting up so many times. He only got up one time and that was even before the dance started.

  • Maria Penha
    Maria Penha 2 weeks ago

    Alguém aí no mês de julho assistindo?😍💋

  • B G
    B G 2 months ago

    Who dances like this in 2019 ?? Miss you Mr. Patrick !

  • Marcos Adriano Chicatto

    1987 = Amazing song!!!

  • Ananias Andrada
    Ananias Andrada 3 days ago

    The first time I went to a movie theather was to watch Ghost in the beginning of the 90s. Patrick was a marvelous artist!

  • Dakari Jackson-Simmons

    I saw that dad, he was like

  • RJ B
    RJ B 2 weeks ago (edited)

    Hands down, the most iconic dance in cinematic history. This scene had everything.

  • Sadie Tunnicliffe
    Sadie Tunnicliffe 2 weeks ago

    Love the way her mum puts er dad in his place sayin sit down

  • Anya
    Anya 2 weeks ago

    How did I not recognize her father was the guy from law and order

  • rafipel 87
    rafipel 87 1 week ago

    Patrick Swayze would be proud at seeing that his performance has reached 335 million views

  • Top Shelf
    Top Shelf 2 months ago

    I always wanted her dress 👗 years later... I still want that dress. I miss him, Cherish life, we are here for only a blink. This is forever a

  • RAJ Machado Ferreira
    RAJ Machado Ferreira 6 months ago

    Quem mais assistindo em 2019?!? 🎼🎶🎼🎶🎼🎶🎼🎶🎼🎶🎼🎶

  • Facetoreality Nemaseglumise

    1995- thats nice

  • Kim Sebring
    Kim Sebring 1 month ago

    I will forever love this movie and Patrick Swayze!!❤️❤️❤️