Great Balls Of Fire # Rock'n Roll Dance Show Download mp3 - Download video

  • Published on Feb 25, 2018

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  • Jack Mee
    Jack Mee 1 year ago

    Thats as energetic as it gets. Nothing beats rock n' roll!

  • Doreen Van Sittert Doreen

    That's the way to go 🙋 nothing like the good old Rock and roll 🙌

  • Judy Hooper
    Judy Hooper 1 year ago

    The judges don't look like they're having much fun.

  • Dana Retana
    Dana Retana 1 year ago

    El mejor de todos jerry lee lewis 😍😍❤

  • Mirka R
    Mirka R 1 year ago

    Wow ,,killer 2,,and dance!!!👏👏👏👋

  • fishermanpat1
    fishermanpat1 1 year ago

    When music was really music!!

  • Jim Johnston
    Jim Johnston 3 months ago

    Rock & Roll is good for the soul.

  • Maryslamb1519 Maryslamb1519

    I miss those days ... I wish our children & grandchildren could experience those GOOD OLD DAYS !!!

  • Николай Боченин
    Николай Боченин 1 month ago (edited)

    Красивя лысина,'' классный оператор''!

  • Milan Lason
    Milan Lason 1 year ago

    ..super zábava..Rock'n Roll..

  • Joseph Bloggs
    Joseph Bloggs 1 year ago

    The idea is to match the speed of the music and the beat. Not go flat out.

  • Oldworker99
    Oldworker99 1 year ago

    i'm The same age as R&R!

  • Jorge Mendoza Mariscal

    that bald guy, distract me...

  • françois choffel
    françois choffel 1 year ago

    cut me that head !!!!!

  • Shérima 57
    Shérima 57 4 months ago

    Une très belle chanson avec d'excellents danseurs......vive l'Amérique. Dieu vous a donné beaucoup de talents où le monde entier vous admire. Un grand BRAVO les artistes et merci pour ce partage qui nous fait rêver

  • Mikhail Karpenko
    Mikhail Karpenko 3 weeks ago

    fascinated over how some people are so much in balance with their own bodies, just think of that:)

  • Michele Noel
    Michele Noel 1 year ago

    Which rock and roll is that please? how to learn it?

  • Rose Howell
    Rose Howell 1 year ago

    Stopshowong this vidos

  • Saras Watkin
    Saras Watkin 8 months ago

    Era of clean, healthy fun.

  • bthvnyt
    bthvnyt 1 month ago

    They knew how to raise hell the right way back then