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  • Published on Oct 8, 2018

  • By Odehyieba Priscilla Agyemang.. Remain Blessed for Worshipping with Me to give Glory to God. https://www.odehyieba.com
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  • Addai Richard
    Addai Richard 11 months ago

    Whoever that loves Priscy should hit the like button to show our sister our love and support for her...❤️❤️❤️❤️God bless u Priscy

  • Asante Abigail
    Asante Abigail 11 months ago

    Who is here for Odehyieba raise your hand for your blessings.

  • Kwakye Raphael
    Kwakye Raphael 11 months ago

    All the singers did soo well

  • WIS & LOVE
    WIS & LOVE 11 months ago

    Where are friends of Odehyieba?

  • Diana Obenewaah
    Diana Obenewaah 11 months ago

    I can't stand on my feet anytime I you sing that song ""me ne David be awen s3 wo see arwurade""

  • Patricia Clottey
    Patricia Clottey 11 months ago

    Wow i am blezz diz morning who else 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👐👐👐

  • Addai Richard
    Addai Richard 11 months ago

    Am not saying those who sang at the beginning didn't do well but u can feel the difference when Priscy held the mic...indeed the girl is much filled with anointing....❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lorenzo Yorke
    Lorenzo Yorke 11 months ago

    God bless u. soooo marvelous. Hit the like button if u agreee

  • P. Amass
    P. Amass 11 months ago

    God give His gift to whoever He

    CHRIST IN ME 11 months ago

    Nothing can stop my prinscilla. She's unstoppable. Untouchable. Who JAH bless no one curse 🙏🇱🇷💃

  • Abena Nuako
    Abena Nuako 11 months ago (edited)

    Uncle 2AJ is making me feel the worship, Esther Ohemaa 👧also got me, Obaapa Salomey is another great 👍 worshiper who got me into it.

  • Agnes Akakwam
    Agnes Akakwam 11 months ago

    Priscilla we love you Jesus loves you more I know the holy spirit is at work with you always, I can see the atmosphere changed immediately you enter we all feel it over hear in USA God bless you my beautiful daughter in the Lord..

  • Prince-Gabriel Musah
    Prince-Gabriel Musah 11 months ago

    These angels are making me miss home

  • english english
    english english 11 months ago

    Dear priscy I love you so much that even if you cough I will listen to it. May God continue to shower his blessings upon your life and renew your anointing. Watching you From Vietnam

  • Amu Erica
    Amu Erica 11 months ago

    I can't get tired of watching Princela 👌 sometimes I come to YouTube and play your video's over and over again and I never get fed up. I too much love everything about u Princela u always quench and satisfy my soul with your powerful anointed worships. God bless you so much and bless your management team as well. Much love always sweetie ❤❤❤❤❤👐👐👐👐👐🙇🙇🙇

  • Jonathan Nickels
    Jonathan Nickels 11 months ago (edited)

    She reminds me of young Ebony Reigns. Is it coincidental that they are both Priscilla Agyemang? Only Ebony chose a different path when she got older but dear still keep the fire burning for God and don't be distracted by the world and its desires and He will bless you abundantly.

  • Movil Hut
    Movil Hut 11 months ago

    There's power in worship that's my secret, through worship God has blessed me with grift of prophecy

  • Fredrick Maddison
    Fredrick Maddison 10 months ago

    Wow this girl is too much she's full of God blessings i feel this sang all the way from Nigeria

  • Eddie
    Eddie 11 months ago

    Odehyieba my prophetess, omg you are filled and full of annointing. This is God giving spirit, He knew you when you were in your mother’s womb, you’re filled with fire 🔥 within and without so therefore anyone who dares to touch you or come closer will burn to ashes. I am very happy to see you like this, even more powerful than before. May the almighty God continue to bless and bestow His endless annointing on you. Am He continue to surround you with His unquenchable fire 🔥. You are blessed beyond human imagination and understanding. Keep up the good work and again don’t look to the left or the right.

  • Agnes Akakwam
    Agnes Akakwam 11 months ago

    I always crying whenever you sing this song my God my God, he paid the debt he did not owe I owed a debt I could not pay ,thank you Jesus for paying that debt on the cross of Calvary.. just trust and obey there is no other way ,thank you Jesus for been the only way ...