The Mystery of A Savoury Food |Pastor Alph Lukau | HAIG - Day 5 |Friday 26 Oct 2018 | AMI LIVESTREAM Download mp3 - Download video

  • Streamed live on Oct 26, 2018

  • He Alone Is God! - Prophetic Acts Today is a day of TRANSFORMATION and RESTORATION! (GENESIS 27:1-4 / 28-29)
  • The Mystery of A Savoury Food |Pastor Alph Lukau | HAIG - Day 5 |Friday 26 Oct 2018 | AMI LIVESTREAM tags


    DINAH NATTO 5 months ago

    Fasted for 365 days to be where he is! Some of us are busy saying all rubbish about his anointing yet we cannot even miss food by accident!

  • juney k
    juney k 5 months ago

    What a time to be alive to see my God gather all His children from all over the world in one place to be bless, then send them out to win souls

  • Babele Emedi
    Babele Emedi 5 months ago

    This is the best of Alph Lukau, at least the best I have seen so far. This word has touched me profoundly. You are not just a miracle man, but you are anointed with a gift of the Word. May the Lord increase you, man of God, the prophet to the nations. May he give you increased, deeper and greater revelations. You are truly a blessing to me and my family. We bless the Lord for you.

  • Matilda Kallay
    Matilda Kallay 5 months ago

    Alph Lukua, U are one of a kind. You are who God says you are. God's anointing is really not cheap.

  • Mary Logedi
    Mary Logedi 5 months ago

    Iam blessed, Iam blessed in the name of Jesus 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏i receive it 👋 i need my break through in Jesus name 🙋

  • Leah  Muiruri
    Leah Muiruri 5 months ago

    Goodness....I know why the Lord connected me to this prophet of His...everyday i listen to you pastor, it becomes clearer and clearer; if only everyone in that church truly understood who they have in God has truly favored them to be there physically....mmh...let those who have an ear, hear what the Lord is saying thru you pastor. I receive my blessings thru the prophetic in you...may it manifest in my life and that of my Jesus name.

  • Marva Dollison
    Marva Dollison 5 months ago

    No, more,sickness or disease,no more stealing us of our inheritance matters etc,. I break these wicked spirits in Jesus name👐👐👐👐🤞🤞🤞👍👍👍🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

  • Theodora Semb
    Theodora Semb 5 months ago

    May the lord hear our call and answer us in need, help us to come together as one nation.

  • edith awino
    edith awino 5 months ago

    papa waiting for AMI kenya .you are welcome papa

  • Thandolwenkosi Zondo
    Thandolwenkosi Zondo 5 months ago

    Thank you Lord for your blessings

  • chooky
    chooky 5 months ago

    This ministry has been a blessing to me

  • Mazvita Frank
    Mazvita Frank 5 months ago

    Lord Jesus l am yours dnt pass me by.remember me Lord

  • Jean Pui
    Jean Pui 5 months ago

    Iam so blessed to be here. My life wil never be the same again. I received my portion what God has for me. Amen. 🙏

  • Robbinson Amwoga
    Robbinson Amwoga 5 months ago

    Being blessed always man of God, watching from Nairobi Kenya.

  • rebecca may
    rebecca may 5 months ago


  • Juliet Bagawe
    Juliet Bagawe 5 months ago

    yes LORD i receive it

  • Mazvita Frank
    Mazvita Frank 5 months ago

    Love u Papa .Lord dnt pass me by

  • n'goran paul yao
    n'goran paul yao 5 months ago

    No more sickness in the name of JC

  • Brenda Mckenzie
    Brenda Mckenzie 5 months ago

    I claim my blessings now in Jesus Name

  • Mariah Del Angeles
    Mariah Del Angeles 1 month ago

    Thank you God for your servant, bless him