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  • Published on Jun 13, 2018

  • New Video 💥🥝💥🥝 @svenger_vipajiz @h4_vipajiz @hamilton_vipajiz @maajin_guybon @itsyoungwolf @steve_anondo @rebelmlk @atheenadann ______________________ 📽📽 : @afrodance1 @e.motionprod 🔊 : @therealdjflex @thedamso Afro Remix ____________________________ La Vie C'est Pas Un Kiwiiii Vous Voulez Paaaaas Comprendre 🥝🥝 #paris #dancers #Afro #PenavPeu #DanceFort #TeteDeKiwiÉcrasé #laviecestpasunkiwicoño🥝 #PPDF #afronewstyle #afrojizz
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  • Le nn ard
    Le nn ard 1 year ago

    Bruh why does the guy in blue look 13 and 47 at the same time

  • somali mohamed
    somali mohamed 4 months ago

    I am African

  • Nomena68
    Nomena68 4 months ago

    Si vous cherchez le commentaire Français, il est ici :D

  • Jajy 6
    Jajy 6 4 months ago

    The girl in the beginning 👀with the Vogue on point! 💯👌

  • king Killmonger j
    king Killmonger j 4 months ago (edited)

    I try dancing like a African one night an everyone was asking me if I'm on

  • MissCeo3000
    MissCeo3000 5 months ago

    I need to stop clicking on these when I'm trying to go to bed . . . .

  • K A Y B O N I T A
    K A Y B O N I T A 4 months ago (edited)

    I think its crazy how they can copy the EXACT dance the main person is doing . I need a month 😭

  • CashMoney
    CashMoney 4 months ago (edited)

    I love my black community💪🏿

  • Thom K
    Thom K 3 months ago

    May 2019 anyone?

  • JuivinileMalone
    JuivinileMalone 4 months ago

    I like how they remixed tokyo drift into Afro drift

  • Obi
    Obi 8 months ago

    Yo...yo...YOOO dude in the beige camouflage is dangerous

  • Eddie Brown
    Eddie Brown 3 months ago

    I’ve put atleast 1000 views on this video myself. On repeat.

  • Zirah jalloh
    Zirah jalloh 3 months ago

    I liked the short man vibes

  • twobrown
    twobrown 4 months ago


  • LeVelle Coley
    LeVelle Coley 3 months ago

    So we not gonna talk about how serious this white guy is, he came to win a championship 😂😂 had a serious face the entire time.

  • Didi's Crib
    Didi's Crib 7 months ago

    Why nobody talking about the guy in the red jacket?

  • Rames Rames
    Rames Rames 4 months ago (edited)


  • BijinXOXO
    BijinXOXO 2 months ago

    I need a dance off between camo pants and camo jacket.

  • Tahre Hale
    Tahre Hale 2 months ago

    Camo pants..the way you have control ova yo body....lawd, ham & ercy! I just wish i had the same control ova my life!♨️♨️♨️🔥🔥

  • TheCoach5757
    TheCoach5757 4 months ago

    They should be in World of Dance competition!! Compete against the best in the world!!