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  • Published on Nov 19, 2018

  • Steve Aoki - Waste It On Me feat. BTS Steve Aoki - Waste It On Me feat. BTS by Ultra Music Neon Future III Out Now! The Latest & Greatest from Ultra Music Ultra Records, LLC / Dim Mak Follow Us:
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  • Clara
    Clara 6 months ago

    Well bts changed since the last time I saw them.

  • Aakash S
    Aakash S 2 weeks ago

    I never expected BTS can sing English this much good. Awesome voices and Movie.

  • miranda beatrice
    miranda beatrice 1 month ago

    petition for ken jeong to lipsync live while namjoon and jungkook are singing behind him

  • Amalia Aisyah
    Amalia Aisyah 1 month ago

    this is how Asians getting along together and putting it into masterpiece!

  • مها maha '،
    مها maha '، 1 month ago

    Steve Aoki👑

  • iloveseokjin
    iloveseokjin 6 months ago

    We need BTS's reaction to the MV

  • Nour Alhagar
    Nour Alhagar 4 days ago

    Can we just talk about how beautiful jungkooks vocals are here.♥️ and also RM singing is why I'm dead😭😭♥️

  • Bow wow Wow
    Bow wow Wow 1 month ago

    You say love is messed up

  • Hano-i Vasquez
    Hano-i Vasquez 2 months ago

    I'm just proud of this Asian powerhouse of an MV 😭

  • sugasweetv
    sugasweetv 2 months ago


  • 땡
     6 months ago (edited)

    fame really changed BTS, they look so different in this music video

  • Alex Pesso
    Alex Pesso 1 month ago

    Lol I instantly cracked up when I seen the cast for the video. SO many legends XD

  • Blue Elf
    Blue Elf 1 month ago

    now, i understand...


    Some awesome BTS songs to check out if you haven't checked them out already!:

  • Eunice Wong Yuet Yee *

    the MV seems like a parody LMAO

  • MOON R
    MOON R 6 months ago

    “It’s bigger than music, it represents a Korean band and an Asian-American DJ that can show other Asians they're also a part of the global musical landscape. I feel so deeply about the Asian footprint in music culture, I wanted the MV to have entire Asian cast and director.”

  • King Nutella
    King Nutella 2 days ago

    So Mr. Chow finally decided to get a job and get sober

  • Trashcan chan
    Trashcan chan 2 days ago

    flashback to last year when i thought it was a crack fmv and just clicked without thinking... half way through i was really impressed with the quality/edit but dissapointed by the lack of crack energy until i realised this was the legit mv akjdsksajfd

  • x Pororo
    x Pororo 2 days ago

    so proud, that's Deep Wang from actor Transformers 3

  • Gvantsa Gvantsa
    Gvantsa Gvantsa 1 month ago

    why am i crying?? 😭😭😭💜💜 this song is so beautifull and their voices are so angelic im in lovee😭💜💜 joonies voice thooo and junkookie and our chim chim aaa so beautifullll 😍💜💜💜