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  • Published on Feb 3, 2006

  • Gene Krupa takes over the drums for a band and goes on a ride
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  • ricksbulbs
    ricksbulbs 5 years ago

    Gene Krupa was indeed a pioneer! He did so much---the crash cymbal, the ride cymbal, the hi-hat--china type cymbals--he coiled all those names! Actually, in those days the ride was called the "top" cymbal, but soon was called ride, as Krupa changed the name to be more appropriate to it's function. The hi hat was often still called the "sock" cymbal, but the first short hi hat, Kruoa called it a "low hat" , and then he modified a lowhat stand with a monger tube and pull rod, to the "be bop" or, as he called it, hi-hat stand and cymbals. That way you could play those 2 cymbals with the sticks instead of just the foot. That single set of cymbals was the single greatest improvement and development in drumset evolution over any other. Gene wanted bigger, louder, brighter sounding cymbals, and Zildjian had a heck of a time making big ones! He actually played rides as big as 26 or even 28"! This was in an era of having issues getting enough metal through the leather belt-driven rolling mills just to make a lowly 16"! In fact, a 16" was a large cymbal, most were between 6" and 14". Somehow, Zildjian managed to make these huge cymbals, and the first "big" sounds were the result. As you can hear in this clip, the old hand hammered K cymbals were VERY garbage -can sounding, especially the hi-hats on this kit! That crash to his left on the kit sounded really 'dirty' and nasty when he crashed it at the end of the song. But he'd make them sound decent--he had the technique! Bear in mind, crashing cymbals to accent the phrases like he did in this clip was NOT the normal way to play in those days! This was radical playing and radical thinking back then! If you listen to this, you are already hearing elements of rock music--and I mean the stuff from the 1970's era! What he is doing here became the standard for playing to this day. We owe what we do to him, and Buddy Rich. John Bonham actually idolized Krupa, and you can hear those elements (yes big band jazz!) in many Led Zeppelin tunes--even triplets on the ride cymbal! Just think--it Krupa had access to the Paiste 2002 cymbals Bonham plays, and the set up Bonham had, how incredible that would sound! This guy blazed new trails for both drumming in modern music, and the musical instrument design and manufacture! He was just the pioneer of modern drumming and drumkits! 

  • mnpd3
    mnpd3 4 years ago

    Krupa's timing was like a machine.  Perfection.  

  • robonez
    robonez 3 years ago

    Kickass! I love it! Here's what I don't understand: what kind of idiot thumbs down this clip????

  • lysyrg25
    lysyrg25 4 years ago

    WOW! That was incredible. When I see Gene's hand movements and physical expressions, there's no doubt this is what Keith Moon wanted to be. And he did it, his own way of course. Master Gene Krupa and student Keith Moon.

  • Prog Legendas
    Prog Legendas 3 years ago

    Now i know where came the Keith Moon .Style

  • dinja
    dinja 1 year ago

    "Thats like telling Gene Krupa not to go BOOM BOOM BAP BAP BOOM BAPP BOOM BOOM BAP BAP TSSS"

  • Barney Fife
    Barney Fife 4 years ago

    When Krupa plays, it's like he is exploding through his drum kit.  No one will ever be like this again - unless they are imitating him.

  • Philip  Robinson
    Philip Robinson 5 years ago

    The only guy that comes anywhere close to Gene Krupa in my opinion is his comtemporary Buddy Rich

  • jrq88
    jrq88 5 years ago

    Dude is a octopus!

  • Ball Sieb
    Ball Sieb 1 year ago

    First, When I listened to Jazz ".... Booooooooring"

  • Lorenzo GL
    Lorenzo GL 5 years ago

    Gene Krupa was to Jazz and Swing, similar to what John Bonham was to rock.  In my humble opinion these two drummers were probably the best, because they made a real difference, they were originals, they were real pioneers.  For those who never heard  them live, they actually paved the way for many many drummers. They totally and completely influenced me.

  • AllisterCooper2008
    AllisterCooper2008 4 years ago

    I like how the cymbals and drums are positioned low, nothing is above head level. Peter Criss once stated, 'My advice to young drummers is to keep everything down [low, below shoulder level], because it will really help you later on.'

  • DamageCase1970
    DamageCase1970 4 years ago

    Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich the guys that made drumming awesome. They started it all for the most part.

  • Bobby Ruggiero
    Bobby Ruggiero 2 years ago

    All Drummers can thank Gene for putting the drummer in the spotlight! What a great performance. He really knows the chart inside and out. What great time all the musicians had as well. Everyone is playing together.

  • james madison
    james madison 4 years ago

    Major bad ass. John Bonham's main influence.

  • Ray Quigley
    Ray Quigley 5 years ago

    Go Cat Go!!

  • Samuel Moreira
    Samuel Moreira 4 years ago

    Extremamente talentoso!

  • Sarah Knight
    Sarah Knight 3 years ago

    Gene just feels every single beat, you can see it!

  • Meltem Çetinkaya
    Meltem Çetinkaya 3 years ago

    PERFECT AS USUAL!!!!! I adore you dear Gene ♥ R.I.P

  • Orange Joe
    Orange Joe 3 years ago

    That joy is not inexplicable. Krupa was both a heavy drinker and a pothead, then known as a "tea head", same as most of the jazz greats including Buddy Rich (the other greatest drummer in history) and Louis Armstrong, who wrote "Muggles" about his favorite pastime.