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  • Published on Nov 22, 2012

  • Channel Coast Activities--ordnance Repairs--german Frontier Operations--airborne Operations--toulon Harbor Installations, Etc. Department Of Defense Combat Bulletin No. 24 Pin 20285
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  • Philbyd 123
    Philbyd 123 6 months ago

    Amazing footage: thanks for posting

  • indirulz1234
    indirulz1234 5 years ago

    8:24 UFO that just flied past :O

  • James Bridge
    James Bridge 3 months ago

    I think you see a parachutist falling without a parachute.

  • John do
    John do 7 months ago

    estimated shells dropped 2226 a rather precise number for an estimation lol😊

  • Paul Adkins
    Paul Adkins 2 years ago

    September/October 1944 RAF Coastal Command shooting up German ships, USAAF gun-camera footage, Ordnance depots Sherman tank repairs, Seventh Army at Germany's frontier, Aachen, Metz, Wet river crossing, Air supply of Third Army, Firebombing of Metz, Ziegfried Line, dragon's teeth, Market-Garden airdrop and resupply, excellent footage of the drop, US gliders, Port operations in southern France, French coastal defenses at Toulon, Palau invasion (15 September), USAAF and naval air strikes, air footage on invasion fleet, 1st Marine Division, Amtracks, dead Japanese soldiers, SeaBees, 81st Infantry Division.

  • Wm K
    Wm K 9 months ago

    A lot of great footage I've never seen before.

  • cesar alves
    cesar alves 1 year ago

    Linda Alemanha.