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  • 1 მაი. 2018

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  • Bb Rr
    Bb Rr 7 თვის წინ

    "Well son, let me tell you the story of how I became disabled."

  • Konstantin Chirkoff
    Konstantin Chirkoff 1 წლის წინ

    Я думал, это будет ваза. Или светильник. В итоге какая - то хуйня, потерянное время на просмотр.

  • Mosh Dubs
    Mosh Dubs 7 თვის წინ

    My fatass thought the thumbnail was a nice piece of dry aged meat.

  • dan
    dan 9 თვის წინ

    Im genuinely suprised he still has all his fingers.

  • Minty122334
    Minty122334 1 წლის წინ

    nothing says safety like camo sweat pants, and socks and sandles lol

  • Stephen Weiler
    Stephen Weiler 4 თვის წინ

    Had to come down to the comments to see if people commented on his technique, dangerous as hell. Who tf works in pajamas and crocs

  • Jake Henry
    Jake Henry 1 წლის წინ

    Woodworker: “Alright! We’ve got this GIANT beautiful log... what do you wanna make it into?”

  • Andrew Hazlewood
    Andrew Hazlewood 8 თვის წინ

    How to work extremely fast (and unsafely) to turn a lovely piece of heartwood into...something I guess.

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 8 თვის წინ

    Some survival facts has no explanation. The feet of this guy, for example. Does still have both?

  • Crow Mom
    Crow Mom 1 წლის წინ

    I’m so fat I thought that was a piece of ham in the thumbnail.

  • erick
    erick 1 წლის წინ

    Next time you should at least wear steel-toed crocks.

  • Theropod Hunter
    Theropod Hunter 1 წლის წინ (რედაქტირებული)

    Seeing that tree stump interior made me start wanting Gammon for lunch!

  • Sergey Chubarev
    Sergey Chubarev 1 წლის წინ (რედაქტირებული)

    Я всё ждал, как он будет обрабатывать внутри или хотя бы сделает отверстие , оказалось, что просто красивая декоративная форма. Такое ценное дерево впустую израсходовал

  • preethi selvakumar
    preethi selvakumar 6 დღის წინ

    Great projects with clear instructions. I've gotten an enormous feeling of accomplishment & pride from making my own bookshelves and side tables. So kindly check this guys @t ! all the best :)

  • The Truth
    The Truth 1 წლის წინ

    What is it for?

  • Rubix Cube
    Rubix Cube 5 თვის წინ

    This thumbnail looks like the meat steak in Tom & Jerry!

  • zither zon
    zither zon 7 თვის წინ

    That is really dense lumber or a really dull chainsaw. Either way, his cutting here is dangerous as hell.

  • Tibs O
    Tibs O 1 წლის წინ

    I watched it till the end to see what it's gonna be.

  • Cringey & Rude Weeb
    Cringey & Rude Weeb 1 წლის წინ


  • flower
    flower 1 წლის წინ

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought that this was some sort of a big ham...