AMAZING: This Pastor thought that PROPHETS ARE FAKE until he met Ps Alph Lukau Download mp3 - Download video

  • Published on Nov 7, 2017

  • This man did not believe in the prophetic, he believed everything done by Prophets was staged. But we serve an Awesome GOD that cures even spiritual blindness. Watch and be blessed
  • AMAZING: This Pastor thought that PROPHETS ARE FAKE until he met Ps Alph Lukau tags


  • Bedon Dickson
    Bedon Dickson 1 year ago

    Your ministry touches me in a very special way.

  • AnnNC North Carolina
    AnnNC North Carolina 1 year ago (edited)

    The lady talking makes it feel like a talk show not church, it's annoying please ease up.

  • Neuto Kinny
    Neuto Kinny 1 year ago

    "If your God is dead, come and try mine!"..👍

  • Koko Hungyo
    Koko Hungyo 1 month ago

    Pastor alph are great man may the lord continued to bless you and your minister

  • Nicky
    Nicky 1 year ago

    Im laughing so hard he's unbeliever eventhough his a pastor

  • Seeker inaction
    Seeker inaction 1 year ago

    These things seem to be unbelievable ,but remember the lord said in the last days ur old men shall dream dreams and ur young men shall c visions.

  • Barbara Hemmings
    Barbara Hemmings 1 year ago

    God is truly amazing

  • AVINASH sewa team
    AVINASH sewa team 5 months ago

    When I watch ur video ...m blessed ...really energised to walk with God

  • Cecilia Hamusokwe
    Cecilia Hamusokwe 1 year ago

    Am so open to the proohetic! I love the God of Pst Alph Lukau!

  • hellen hellen
    hellen hellen 1 year ago

    that's y I don't talk bad about pastors

  • kazambua Bendela
    kazambua Bendela 1 year ago

    May God continue to streghten you and use powerfull. I support you in my prayer.

  • Salome Garber
    Salome Garber 1 year ago

    God speaks whether you believe or not. Carnal minds don't understand the things of God. Be careful how you criticize the things of GOD.

  • DailyTimes Africa
    DailyTimes Africa 1 year ago

    Why do people dislike this?

    PATIENCE IMOITE 9 months ago

    Waaaait, I was excited too, but the NARRATOR Annoyed me!!!!!

  • Irene Wakesho
    Irene Wakesho 1 year ago

    I am blessed to watch this powerful I thank God

  • Home
    Home 1 year ago

    the Lady commentator is annoying, too much dramatization. Keep it real, God bless you.

  • Loveth Oziegbe
    Loveth Oziegbe 6 months ago

    May God bless me with Germany document so that I can visit this church. Amen

  • napoleon richard
    napoleon richard 1 year ago

    many people will not believe in prophets but prophets are like minister of information from God to men, i believe in the prophet

  • Victorious BeccaMua
    Victorious BeccaMua 6 months ago

    Our God is awesome and true. We bless

  • virginia kirui
    virginia kirui 1 year ago

    Pastor Alph Lukau is a real man of God..