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  • Published on Dec 18, 2013

  • All I Want - Kodaline buy it here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/artist/ko... Made this video for entertainment purposes. All credit & rights go to Kodaline. if you're reading this comment "i do, Augustus, i do." :(
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  • Step Off
    Step Off 1 year ago

    Life is so repetitive.

  • dont eat my bread
    dont eat my bread 2 weeks ago

    tae brought me back here to this masterpiece again 💜

  • ScrLk
    ScrLk 2 weeks ago

    Dear Self,

  • Kenny Davis
    Kenny Davis 1 month ago

    Miss you iron man, you’re death will never be in vain.

  • Sarah Cassady
    Sarah Cassady 3 weeks ago

    dear me,

  • Misss Angel
    Misss Angel 1 month ago

    The worst feeling is saying goodbye to someone you don’t want to lose. Sometimes you don’t even get to say goodbye

  • Riya Adelin
    Riya Adelin 2 weeks ago

    The boys always have such good taste in music. Damn tae

  • Claudia Pandele
    Claudia Pandele 2 weeks ago

    taehyung brought me here but I love kodaline💜

  • kat
    kat 2 weeks ago

    taehyung i love u 💜

  • Mariana Hoppert
    Mariana Hoppert 2 weeks ago

    Thanks to Kim Taehyung showed me this beautiful song ❤ ;)

  • Deandra Shaquanie-Jackson

    Ever wish you could replay the memories you've once made with someone? :/

  • Addison Sikorski
    Addison Sikorski 1 month ago

    I feel this whole song.. But when it says "I lay in tears in bed all night" I really felt it.

  • strawberry_taekookie _

    Taehyung has good taste in music

  • Maria Styles
    Maria Styles 2 weeks ago

    armys incoming from that tae video 😂

  • WhothefuckisEva
    WhothefuckisEva 1 month ago

    coming here on a daily basis to read the coments like a never ending book.

  • SirBilly
    SirBilly 2 months ago

    I'm not sad because of what I've lost... but what I could lose...

  • Maja .xvx9
    Maja .xvx9 2 weeks ago

    Anyone here because of taehyung and just cry cause the song is ...💜

  • Wijdèn Soltani
    Wijdèn Soltani 2 weeks ago

    Taehyungssi's taste is always break my heart

  • I love Lee Jeno
    I love Lee Jeno 2 weeks ago

    I'm here because taehyung made me too emotional with that video and I wanna cry over the whole song now

  • Caerol lynna
    Caerol lynna 2 weeks ago

    Sometimes i wonder why taehyung recommends sad songs like this😭💔